The main innovation of this FIFA 18 is, surely, the sets and stages. Already, FIFA 17 had made a real effort in the field of stadiums, like a beautifully realistic Allianz Arena. What can we expect in the new FIFA 18 game?
What will be the main new stages?
What will be the main new stages? The question may be vague but interest many gamers. With the large number of careers and player cravings to be more and more realistic, stadiums are an important part. England, the great Italian stadiums and the great Spanish stadiums, the gamers are just about to finish.
That's why FIFA 18 has decided to integrate a large number of new stadiums into its new opus. At the top of the list, Portuguese stadiums, with a victory in the Euro and improvement of the Portuguese teams, it is likely to have more Portuguese stadiums in FIFA 18. Then in the new FIFA 18 stadium we can expect French stadiums and for free coins do have a look at astuce fifa 18. Notably on the Nice and Monaco side.
More stages than in FIFA 17
That is certainty. In FIFA 18 we will have many more stages than in the last opus. It is EA Sports ' desire to become more and more realistic. We can think of the new Chinese championship which will become one of the most important championships in FIFA. Everyone knows that in China, some stadiums are worth a look.
Besides China, we can expect French, German or Spanish and Italian stadiums in this list. Notably, at the top of the list, the stadium of the OL very recently inaugurated that have exceptional infrastructures.

The Stadium of Olympique Lyonnais in FIFA 18?

South American stadiums

EA Sports wants to make South American stadiums for FIFA 18. Indeed, with the large number of South American club supporters and the impressive atmosphere, FIFA 18 would like to bring South American stadiums online. Nothing is official, but the will of EA Sport remains present.

More Realistic Audiences

The actual update of the FIFA 18 and EA Sports games is realism. Already, on FIFA 17, the realism was at the rendezvous with stadiums more noisy and more dynamic. Nevertheless, efforts are still needed and improvements can be made.
At the graphics level, the audience can be even more realistic and can react, much more, depending on the actions of matches. Now, all that remains is to wait until September 29 to see all these changes.

Preorder FIFA 18

You can pre-order FIFA 18 simply. This pre-order allows you to receive, exclusively, the game FIFA 18 from its release without any expectation. You will receive, at your home, on September 28 or 29 your game as of the release date.
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